How the Mundane is Really a Blessing | Denver Family Photographer

I have a guest blog post this week from my fellow NAPCP member Kristin Milito who is a Chicago Newborn and Family Photographer.  I asked her to share this updated post from her blog because it is about celebrating the ordinary, something that has a great deal of meaning to me.  I think we, as a society, put a lot of emphasis on perfection and forget to commemorate the everyday.  I love Kristin’s post because it is a poignant reminder of how quickly our kids change.  (PS the photos here are Kristin’s wonderful work!)

How the Mundane is Really a Blessing | Chicago Newborn and Family Photographer

Originally written: June 11, 2014

In mommy-land the days are long and the years are short. It was about 3 years ago when I first heard that statement and boy does it ring true. Some days never seem to end, yet I am saddened every time another school year ends and shocked by how quickly it came and passed.

Our days as mothers can become mundane, and I hate having a feeling like that. I almost feel guilty about it. It’s hard to remind myself, when I’m cleaning up spilled gluten free Sunrise Vanilla cereal all over the floor, how much of a blessing being a Mom is. But it is at that exact moment I need the reminder the most.

Photography has been my way to really BE in the present. How else could you take a flash of time and creatively put it on a piece of paper for you to touch, feel and see over and over again? I know the memories in my mind are not as detailed. And the harder I try to remember exactly what my 2 oldest were like as babies, the more difficult it is to remember all the details. The smell of their skin or the feel of their cheeks as I rocked them to sleep seem like a faint memory lost in my mind. But when I revisit their photos, all the memories flood back and I swear I can smell the scent of their sweet, innocent baby skin again.

This week I decided to capture the faces of each of my kids while using directional window light. One image is from a lantern in the dark…you’ll see! (I am also designing a canvas gallery for one of the walls in our home and have been mildly obsessed with this project. So I am using some of these images because their faces and the light are just so beautiful.)

But that’s the thing about pictures. It forces us to be in the present moment (a gift in itself) and being able to enjoy these photos of my children is endless and timeless. It brings you right back to that very moment. I can even feel it in my belly. It is an ache for the past. That ache for the past makes me realize that my present will one day be my past. That’s all I need to forget the mundane and wish for more of the present….because today really is tomorrow’s yesterday.

By Kristin Milito

Kristin has been photographing babies and children since 2007 and continues to document the beauty of her children’s lives. Visit her corner of the web at

funy and sweet photo of child in diapers head unseen black and white of little boy looking over railing in family home peaceful black and white photo of boy looking at camera black and white photo of girl in chicago neighborhood with sweet smile black and white photo of boy laughing in Chicago black and white photo of boy in the dark reading light in chicago

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