100 days of ten

100 Days of Ten

In Austin Kleon’s wonderful book, Steal Like An Artist, a key element of his manifesto is “Creativity is Subtraction”.   The more we narrow our options, and our focus, the more creative we are forced to become.   Following in the footsteps of Michael Beirut’s 100 Day Design Workshop,  the 100 Days of Ten  project focuses our attention on one task to…

Vintage santa ornament with christmas lights in the background

Best Gifts for Photogaphers

Best Gifts for Photographers It’s time to start wondering what you’ll give your favorite photographer for Christmas.  We all know that photography isn’t just a vocation, for most of us it’s also an avocation, a hobby, a passion, even an obsession.  Here is a comprehensive gift list, vetted by photographers from all over the world (true fact). Whether the photographer…

Grandpa throws football to little boy and girl.

Documentary Family Photography in Denver

I was very grateful that Jessica, one of my longest-term lifestyle clients, agreed to try a session of documentary family photography in Denver this summer.  One of the biggest challenges I’m facing with transitioning my business into a more documentary style is that my existing clients aren’t sure they want to go with me.  Day in the Life photography is…

A woman in a wheelchair smiling as she picks carrots from a tabletop garden.

Day in the Life of a Non-Profit

I spent the better part of a day with the awesome folks at the Rocky Mountain MS Center King Adult Day Enrichment Program (KADEP).    The objective of the day was to show the fun and supportive programs offered by the center and their amazing staff.  I made a couple new friends that day and gained a whole new level of…

A day in the life of a denver family photographer.

A Day in the Life of a Denver Family Photographer

I worked with another Denver family photographer on this day in the life session.  We’re working together on a blog post about it which I will share on a later date. In the meantime, enjoy this short video slideshow! Want to learn more about Day in the Life Photography?  Check out my new Day in the Life website!

Man cooking breakfast.

Day in the Life Photography – The Beauty of Being

A common theme I hear about Day in the Life Photography is that people think themselves boring.  “We just don’t do anything that interesting”, they say.  “I can’t imagine what we would do for all that time”, when I explain a Day in the Life Session could run half the day.  Until you’ve looked at a lot of DITL photos…

Enduro cycling - caught in the air.

Mountain Biker Senior Photos

Part of what I do differently with my senior photo sessions is I let kids have a voice in the decisions about what and how we shoot.  Typically when young adults reach their senior year, they want to have a senior photo that feels real to them and represents who they feel like inside.  I negotiate with kids and parents:…

Day in the life of a realtor man on the street talking on his phone carring a real estate sign.

A Day in the Life of a Congress Park Realtor

A morning with Andrew Nagel, Cherry Creek ReMax agent and Congress Park Realtor A day in the life of a realtor is much like you might expect:  paperwork, phone calls, driving, signs, phone calls, driving, phone calls.    Andrew shares an office with his friend and business partner John Sullivan – they work together with their clients, both specialize in the…

Congress Park bungalows.

Congress Park Neighborhood Photography

Congress Park is a neighborhood with a sense of humor.  There are little things, you see it in the signs of nearby restaurants and shops, you see it on a painted garage.  When I think of Congress park, I think of your basic bungalow house.  However there are plenty of charming timeless homes along 7th Avenue and of course the…

Crestmoor neighborhood phto

Hilltop Neighborhood Photography

I spent an afternoon looking at Hilltop through a photographer’s eyes.  Hilltop and Crestmoor feel different than the surrounding areas.  The lots are larger, the Crestmoor area is mostly a mixture of mid-century architecture and modern construction on lots where the old house was removed.   Streets in the area are rarely straight through which means reduced speeds and kids playing…